Part of our commitment to deliver dynamic investment solutions is to ensure that clients have access to quality order execution and liquidity. 

As your Market Maker and Liquidity Provider, we aim to:

  • Increase share price stability by reducing volatility

  • Avoid pockets of illiquidity where investors can get trapped

  • Lead the potential to increase valuation metrics

  • Assist in making the share more attractive to institutional investors

  • Lower trading costs and spreads

  • Aid in preventing disorderly and inefficient markets

Our wide array of products encompasses:

  • Liquidity Services to Listed Companies

  • On Exchange Market Making

  • Listed Futures

  • OTC Vanilla and Exotic Derivatives

  • ETF Market Making

  • Stock Borrow / Loan

  • Dividend Arbitrage

  • Aggregator of Block Orders

  • Unique services offered by Al Ramz Capital

  • State of the art trading technology

  • Team consists of Investment Banking professionals with over 40 years of cumulative experience in Emerging Market Equities and Equity Derivatives

  • Committed to be at the forefront of market innovation

  • Ring fenced from all other Al Ramz businesses